Vampire Vape - Purple Fusion Shortz

149 kr

Smak: Purple Fusion

"Purple Fusion is a juicy addition to the Shortz collection that comes with a magnificent blend of grape and pineapple with a cool undertone. It's a one of a kind e-liquid that is brimming with lush flavours.

This fruit cocktail is an outstanding flavour that perfectly captures the strong, sweet taste of the combined fruit flavours. With the pineapple and grape working in harmony to give a well-rounded fruit blast making each inhale a tasty pleasure.

These flavours are heightened by the cool breeze that lifts the flavour, leaving a tangible taste behind.
These two flavours make one delightful liquid that could easily become your go-to morning vape."  

Flaskans storlek: 75ml 
Flaskan innehåller: 50ml 
Niktotin: 0mg/ml 
PG/VG: 30/70 

Tillsätt Nikotinshot 18mg/10ml flaskor för att öka nikotinet i din e-vätska.
1 shot = 60ml - 3mg
2 shots = 70ml - 5,14mg
shots = 80ml - 6,75mg
shots = 90ml - 8mg
shots= 100ml - 9mg

Observera att Vampire Shortz är 75ml flaskor som innehåller 50ml e-vätska. Om du vill göra ejuice starkare än 5,14mg kan du behöva köpa tomma flaskor och sprutor. Mer DIY-e-vätskeutrustning finns i vår DIY-kategori.

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