Nordic Ecigg - Beginners Tips

Too many models?

Want to buy your first electronic cigarette and did not know what to choose? Already have an electronic cigarette but does not work as you would like? You do not know what liquid you use? What vaporization device? What battery? In these pages we will try to offer a number of useful tips to take full advantage of your electronic cigarette. Look for other information? Do not forget to visit Useful information!

Any electronic cigarette is composed of battery and device vaporization , atomizer. Atomizer, which can be many ways (classic drip atomizer, atomizer tank, cartomizers, clearomizor, atomizer Servis, etc.) contains a heating element, a resistor (or more), which is battery powered, heated evaporating liquid, thus turning it into steam (vapor), which are inhaled steam, replacing the traditional cigarette smoke.

Like any battery powered device to use the electronic cigarette you will need a charger . The most common chargers consisting of a USB charger , the battery is screwed, when it comes to loading and optionally a plug adapter in order to recharge the battery and the outlet, not only from a USB port.

So when choosing an electronic cigarette, it is important to choose a battery that will give you sufficient autonomy , depending on how much you used to smoke, a device for vaporization to satisfy you in terms of strength, aroma, but and autonomy of fluid and a compatible charger with battery chosen.

When you purchase the electronic cigarette, you can opt for choosing a complete set or you can purchase separately, the components that make up the electronic cigarette and related chargers.

Kits contain everything you need for getting started in the world of electronic cigarettes. One or two complete electronic cigarettes (battery + atomizer), a complete charger (USB charger + adapter plug) and, normally, a cigarette-type pencil case for keeping electronic cigarette. If you do not want to become "unserviceable" when the battery is charging, if you smoke a lot or if you want to share the set with another person, it is advisable to purchase a set Duo , a set complete with two electronic cigarettes. If you do not smoke very much, or want to initiate in the world of electronic cigarettes at a cost as low as possible, you can choose a set UNO with a single electronic cigarette.

Lately, are increasingly popular sets premium on battery Classic is replaced by an electronically with numerous settings and modes, and clearomizoarele classic are replaced with clearomizoare new generation, working with a wide range the resistance (ohm-sub-ohm, Kanthal, nickel, titanium, ss, etc.). It is used increasingly more resistors with low values, sub-ohm, which provides a very high strength and a massive production of steam. Also, most new models modes feature and function of temperature control, so it can be used resistors of different materials, such as nickel, titanium or SS, not just classical resistance wire from Kanthal used in Power mode ( VW).For more information go to the electronic mode the battery choose? And for more information on clearomizoarele premium section What clearomizor? .

To learn more about each component to know which set is right or what you choose, if you want to purchase the components separately please use the selectors at the top of the page.

There are many models and types of batteries, the batteries mini with small capacities, the first models of electronic cigarettes come onto the market until modes, rechargeable batteries of various sizes, or even box-ways, rectangular boxes, with high autonomy and complex menus.

We will talk about both the most widespread and common batteries - Batteries eGo type and about the ways electronic , increasingly popular lately.

EGO batteries

There is a large variety of batteries eGo of various sizes and capacities with various electronic components and features produced by a lot of manufacturers. When we say that a battery is eGo type, referring to the battery connection, the connection overhead, vaporization device are threaded, and also the connection that is screwed into the charger for recharging the battery. In general, all eGo batteries, have a connection eGo / 510, ie a thread of smaller diameter, inner (510) and a larger diameter threaded outer eGo connection. Thus, these batteries are compatible with both vaporization devices that have the connection 510, and those that have connection eGo practically the vast majority of vaporization devices on the market.

There are automatic and manual eGo batteries. Batteries do not have an automatic activation button, activating when they inhalation and stopping the current when no longer inhales. Because of lower reliability, automatic eGo batteries are not widespread, the most popular being the manuals and solid models. EGo batteries have a manual activation button, LED, which is pressed immediately before inhalation of cigarette and holding down during inhalation. All eGo batteries are marketed batteries eGo manual .

Due to high reliability and economic price, eGo batteries is practically the standard for most devices that are manufactured vaporization (atomizatoare, clearomizoare , cartomizers) market.

The battery included in the battery has a higher capacity, the battery will be higher and the life of the battery will increase battery charge cycles being made at a greater distance in time. Normally, as the battery has a higher capacity, so its size will be larger but not necessarily in length. For example, a conventional battery capacity 1100 mAh eGo is longer than a battery of 1300 mAh eGo, but thinner. Also various electronic components extras such as loading USB pass through the bottom, LCD display, counter fumes, variable voltage can result in larger battery. For example, a battery Sailebao eGo-V 650 mAh, the same length with a battery eGo Classic 1100 mAh, because the electronics are much higher, the battery eGo-V ordering charging pass USB, LCD display and buttons for selecting desired voltage .

In addition to the battery capacity, another important factor is the voltage under load. The voltage is higher, the amount of vapor produced and felt strength are higher, but everything depends on the type and evaporator used. Depending ohm resistance evaporator, there is a recommended maximum voltage, excessive heating filament resistance leading to burnt taste, or even malfunction. The evaporator has several ohms resistance, the beach is higher voltage accepted . It is also important if the evaporator has one or more resistors, resistors requiring multiple higher voltage for proper operation.

EGo batteries are divided into several categories, as follows:

1. Classic eGo batteries with linear or drop voltage

The most popular classical eGo batteries have batteries with capacities ranging from 650 mAh to 2200 mAh. There are also eGo mini, 300 or 450 mAh versions, but these are less common. We recommend that you choose a battery with a capacity of at least 650 mAh to have an acceptable range of battery life.

Classic eGo batteries do not have extra electronic features, they only contain an electronic part that regulates the battery voltage in the load, an electronic part that offers short circuit protection, overload or full discharge. All classic eGo batteries also feature the on / off function by repeatedly pressing the activation button repeatedly within 3 seconds, and with some classic eGo batteries, the electronic part also provides the charge level indication Of the battery by changing the activation button LED color, so when the battery is charged at more than 60%, the LED will have a color between 60% and 30% other color, and below 30% a different color, usually red or Yellow, color indicating impending battery discharge and need to recharge.
The voltage offered by classic eGo batteries may, depending on the electronic module used, be linear or decreasing. Linear or limited voltage batteries typically operate at 3.6-3.7V, giving the same sensation, the same strength, regardless of the charge level, as the voltage does not change.
Low voltage batteries, when fully charged, offer a voltage voltage of up to 4.2v, gradually decreasing while the battery is being discharged. Thus, drop-down batteries offer a higher strength when the battery is fully charged, but the lower the battery voltage drops.
Most classic eGo batteries on the market offer linear voltage. In the description of the batteries on, you will always see, specified, the type of battery voltage.

You can choose the right battery depending on size and capacity. If you want a battery with the highest possible range and do not disturb your bigger size, then choose a battery with the highest capacity. If autonomy is not so important and it matters more to the battery to be smaller, choose a smaller battery. Very roughly, as a number of inhalations, using a single-strength standard clear meter, a fully charged 650 mAh battery gives you an autonomy equivalent to 18 cigarettes, a 1100 battery with 35 cigarettes, one 1300 with over 40 cigarettes Cigarettes and a 2200 mAh battery with over 60 cigarettes.

Classic eGo batteries are ideal when using a simple, low-strength (1.5-2.2 Ohm) clear-sided clarifier such as the Sailebao CE5 clear or the Kanger T2 ClearMoader and choosing a classic high capacity eGo battery , You ensure a high degree of autonomy.

eGo batteries with Passthrough usb

EGo with usb pass can be, like eGo classic batteries, of different capacities, shapes and sizes. What distinguishes usb passes from classical ones is the presence of a USB connection on the bottom of the battery that allows charging of the battery while using electronic cigarette. The USB connection can be of several types, mini-usb, micro-usb, etc. , But all work on the same principle.

All eGo USB Pass batteries include a power cord, compatible with the bottom connection of the battery. The main advantage of USB pass batteries is that when the battery is discharged, it is not necessary to unwind the vaporizer and tighten the eGo connection of the battery to the charger, but only to connect the USB cable included in the bottom of the battery, which can still be used , While charging.

The eGo USB passes can have classical, linear or drop-down electronics, but there are also variants of variable voltage eGo batteries that also have USB passes such as the eGo-V series produced by Sailebao (Green Vaper) , Or iTaste batteries, produced by Innokin.

If you use the electronic cigarette for a long time at the office or in the car and have a USB connection, then USB passive batteries can be the right choice for you. While using the battery near the power source, you can leave the USB cable plugged in, so the battery will be charged.

3. eGo batteries with variable voltage or variable voltage / wattage

Variable voltage eGo batteries offer the choice of the desired voltage depending on the classic eGo batteries, depending on the vaporizer used. Variable voltage is very useful when using different vaporization devices with different resistors or with more Ohms, so you can always choose the right voltage. Also, if you use dual-coil clear-sensors with two resistors, variable-voltage batteries are indicated, and these clear mosers require higher voltages.

Modificând voltajul, modificați automat și tăria , cantitatea de vapori produsă și într-o oarecare măsură, chiar și aroma. Ridicând voltajul, puteți folosi un lichid cu o concentrație mai scăzută de nicotină și obține aceeași senzație pe care o obțineți pe o baterie clasică, cu un lichid cu o concentrație mai mare de nicotină.
Note that the correct voltage is always limited by the type of clearmeter used, by its resistance resistances. If you raise the voltage too much, the resistance may overheat, causing burning, or even failure of resistance. It is recommended to always start with a lower voltage, raising it gradually until you are satisfied with the result. If, by raising the voltage, you feel burned, it means you have exceeded the recommended voltage for the resistance used, and it is advisable to lower it until the burning taste disappears.

Generally, for eGo batteries, a voltage between 3 and 6 volts can be selected. The most common variable voltage eGo batteries offer the option of selecting a voltage from a 3.2 to 4.8 V range.

Twist, Spinner, Aspire CF or Evalse variable voltage eGo batteries have a selector at the bottom of the battery, a rotating disc to choose the desired voltage between 3.2 and 4.8V. The capacities of these batteries range from 900 to 2200 mAh. The newest models are the eGo II Twist GreenSound, with a capacity of 2200 mAh.
The higher your volt-charged battery, the faster it will download, so if you want to use higher voltages, it is recommended that you choose a battery with the highest capacity to have an autonomy sufficient.

There are also variable voltage eGo batteries such as the Sailbao eGo-V series batteries, or the iTaste Innokin batteries, which feature an LCD display showing current voltage and battery level as well as two additional (+ And -), used to select the desired voltage. The batteries in the eGo-V series also have USB pass charging. The Sailebao eGo-V battery capacity is 650mAh (eGo-V V1) and 1300 mAh (eGo-V V4).

   Some variable voltage batteries may also have the option of selecting the wattage. When the user determines the desired wattage, the battery automatically changes its voltage if different clear meters are used with resistors of different values for the wattage to remain unchanged. The eGo-V V3 and Innokin iTaste V4 batteries also feature variable wattage.

Variable voltage / variable wattage eGo batteries are ideal for those who use different types of clarifiers with resistors of varying values, or double-sided clearmodels. The ability to change the voltage provides additional control over the operation of the electronic cigarette, changing the strength, vapor quantity and even flavor, as desired.

The wide variety of eGo battery models make it possible to choose the right model for each, depending on your preferences or the evaporator model used. EGo batteries offer at a cost-effective price everything you need to enjoy a quality electronic cigarette that can successfully replace classic cigarettes.


If, for a few years now, electronic modes were used only by advanced users, they have become more and more popular lately, with more and more intuitive menus. The vast majority of renowned manufacturers have launched many models of electronic modes at increasingly cost-effective prices, thus appealing to the general public.

1 - Batteries with sub-ohm capabilities

Although there are no electronic modes, in the true sense of the word, the sub-ohm batteries have an electronics that allows the use of sub-ohm resistors (with values ​​less than 1 ohm). Thus, with these batteries, the new premium clearmoders that are not working on classic eGo batteries can be used due to classical electronics limitations. Depending on the sub-ohm battery electronics, some resistors may be used. Each battery includes minimum compatible resistance in specifications. Generally, the lower the resistance in ohms, the better it will be used at higher wattages, it will get hotter, producing more steam and giving a higher strength. Generally, classical eGo battery electronics are limited to 1.2 ohms or 1 ohm, which means that resistors with lower values ​​than those mentioned above will not be used. In the case of sub-ohm batteries, some models work even with resistors of 0.1 ohms, while others are limited to 0.5 or more. The stronger the resistance, the more steam and the power will be higher, but also the increase in current and liquid consumption.

There are also all-in-one sets such as Joyetech AIO or eVod PRO, which include sub-ohm and clear-water batteries with a built-in tank. The advantage of these sets is related to the ease of use and the economic price, and the main drawback lies in the fact that these devices can not use other types of clear mosquitoes other than embedded ones.

Sub-ohm batteries are an exciting option for users who want to use clear modems with resistors of less than 1 ohm, but prefer an electronic cigarette with a classical cylindrical shape, or a smaller, yet more economical device.

2 - VW / VT Electronic Modes

Electronic modes are devices of different shapes and sizes, which allow the user to choose different operating voltages / wattages or different modes depending on the resistance used. An electronic mode provides more control over the style of dying, with preference settings selected. Electronic modes are generally rectangular, and the vast majority of new generation modes have a micro-usb connection for recharging (on some models and software upgrades), an OLED or LCD screen and multiple buttons To adjust. If only a few years ago, regardless of the chosen model, only the current voltage or current could be chosen, the new generation devices can choose different modes of operation, depending on the type of resistance used.

Thus, the new devices offer, in addition to the classical wataj settings (Power mode), the temperature control function, basically choosing the temperature at which the resistance will be heated and not the running load, which is variable, automatically set by Electronic module. In order to operate the temperature control mode, the resistance used should not have the Kanthal or Clapton classic thread but with temperature sensitive material such as nickel, titanium or ss316. Also, in addition to the classic Power mode and temperature control modes, the new electronic devices also offer Bypass mode (direct current from the battery, similar to a mechanical mode), but also the TCR mode, a way in Which manually sets the temperature coefficient of the thread used, so you can use any type of resistors, or adjust the existing settings.

A general classification of modes of operation, depending on the strength used:

VW - wataj variable, for use with kanthal (clapton) or SS resistors
VTTi - Temperature Control for Titan Wire Resistors
VTNi - temperature control for Nickel wire resistors
VT-SS316 - temperature control for SS 316 wires
VT-TCR - temperature control with manual setting of temperature coefficient for non-preset resistors.

In the temperature control mode, the temperature range is generally between 100 ° C and 315 ° C. Watery can not be set manually in temperature control mode, which is automatically set by mode, depending on the temperature selected. It is important that when using resistors in the temperature control mode, cool down their value.

Electronic modes can have a built-in, non-replaceable battery, or an external battery, the most common type being the 18650 battery. The advantage of external battery modes is that after a certain amount of time when battery life Decreases significantly, it can be replaced by a new one at an economic cost. External battery modes offer an extremely easy battery replacement system. There are electronic modes that work with one, two or even three 18650 batteries.

As with sub-ohm batteries, the minimum strength that can be used depends on the mode electronics. The vast majority of new generation modes can be used with resistors of up to 0.1 ohms or even lower.
The standard connection of electronic modes is 510, which is also available for classic eGo batteries (internal threads) and for sub-ohm batteries. Thus, on all electronic modes, all 510-clear modems can be used, as well as classic eGo-style clear-mouses, via a 510-eGo adapter.

3 - Electronic modes with built-in atomizer

As with sub-ohm sets, there are different all-in-one electronic models with a built-in atomizer. The advantage offered by these modes is that of a smoother and more compact use. The most representative models of this kind are the eGrip 2 Joyetech or Cuboid Mini. Some models of built-in atomizer have an internal battery, other external battery, type 18650. There are also some models, such as eGrip 2, which offer the possibility of using an adapter to connect an external atomizer, so the user is not limited to the built-in atomizer.

Modurile electronice sunt o opțiune foarte interesantă, atât pentru utilizatorii avansați cât și pentru începători, oferind posibilitatea utilizării unei game largi de rezistențe și dispozitive de vaporizare. De asemenea, un mod electronic poate fi setat pentru a se potrivi pefect stilului de vapat al utilizatorului, în funcție de preferințele acestuia.

Over time, there have been many vaporisers, or evaporators, compatible with eGo batteries. Drop atomizers, tank atomizers, cartomizers, clear mosquitoes, all with eGo or 510 connection.

The most popular vaporizers of the moment are clearatomizor. The name is a combination of the word "clear" and "atomizer", resulting in "clearomizor" - a transparent atomizer. Although the first clearatomizor designs were transparent, there are currently clearatomizor of different colors or clear metal windows with a window to see the liquid level.

All clear-cheek models have a liquid reservoir, one or more resistors, resistors that can be located at the bottom or top of the clear-mover, and a removable or embedded mouthpiece. Thus, clear-mowers can be of superior or inferior strength, with single or double resistance, with different capacities of the liquid reservoir and with different types of mushrooms.

The first models of clear-cuts were disposable. When the resistance burned, or it covered the residue and did not work in optimal parameters, it was not possible to replace it, and it is necessary to purchase a new gauge.
Most current cleansing models are serviceable. In the case of serviceable clear-mowers, when they do not work properly, only resistance is replaced, so the monthly costs are much lower.

When choosing a clearcomer model, the following features are important:

1. Capacity

The capacity of the tank included in the clearomizer is usually between 1ml and 3ml. The higher the tank, the higher the liquid's longevity, and the clearomizer to be filled less frequently. Approximately, as a number of inhalations, a capacity of 1.6 ml is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

2. Type of resistance

Plasarea rezistenței în interiorul clearomizorului (superioară sau inferioară)

The upper resistors, located at the top of the clarifier, usually have long wick fuses for a more correct supply. Higher resistances produce warmer steam, more like cigarette smoke. There are resistors of the new generation, superior, who do not have the external wires.
The lower resistors, located at the bottom of the clearcomer, have short wicks or internal wicks, long wires are unnecessary because the resistance is always in the liquid. Lower resistances generally offer a stronger flavor and a cooler steam.

Resistance value (0.15Ω - 2.5Ω - usual beach)

Generally, resistors can be classified into sub-ohm resistors and resistors with values greater than 1 ohm. Classical eGo ClearDescribers include resistors higher than 1 ohm, compatible with eGo battery electronics.

The new resistors, compatible with premium, clear-cut, new generation, are sub-ohm resistors with low values, which are stronger, work at higher wattages, produce more steam and give a higher strength. Sub-ohm resistors can only be used with electronic modes and with sub-ohm batteries.

Tip fitile alimentare (silica, bumbac, ceramice)

Another classification of resistances can be made according to the material from which the external or internal fuses are built. Classical resistors, the eGo type, generally contain silicon wicks, while the new generation resistors have organic cotton wicks. There are also ceramic core resistors in which the resistance wire is sintered. The ceramic core is wrapped in a layer of organic cotton as a barrier. In the case of organic cotton resistances, it is very important to pre-soak beforehand the cotton inside to avoid burning it. Also, dry-burn operation is not recommended for these resistors.

Construction of resistance - horizontal or vertical

There are many resistance models, with vertical or horizontal construction. The construction refers to how the thread is aligned within the resistance. Most classical resistors have a horizontal construction, while the vast majority of resistors in the new generation, vertical construction.

Type of resistance (MTL or DL)

A new classification, with the popularization of sub-ohm resistances, refers to the robustness style for which resistance is appropriate. Thus, DL (direct-to-lungs) resistances are sub-ohm resistors with a larger internal diameter, allowing strong, long inhalations directly into the lungs. MTL (mouth-to-lugs) resistances have a smaller internal diameter, allowing for less flow of air, and are suited to the classic diving style, with light inhalations, more like conventional smoking. In general, sub-ohm DL resistances are used with very low liquids, the strength of these resistances being high, and for proper operation, inhalations must be long, strong, directly in the lungs.

The resistance thread material (Kanthal, SS, Ni, Ti, etc.)

If it was years ago most of the resistance was built from Kanthal, there is now a wide range of materials from which resistances are made. Thus, there are Clapton wires (Kanthal woven), SS316, Nickel, Titan, etc. The power supply must be compatible with the resistance wire. Classical eGo batteries only work with Kanthal resistors, electronic modes without temperature control only with Kanhtal (Clapton) or SS316 resistors, and modes with temperature control feature can be used with both Kanthal, Clapton and SS316 resistors As well as Ni or Ti resistances, depending on presetting. Modes that have the TCR function can be set manually to work with any type of resistor.

3. Number of resistors

Clearcomers may have only one resistor or two resistors.
Single-strand single-bladed single-stranded single-stranded single-stranded single-stranded single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single-strand single- Liquid and higher battery life. The most popular single coil servomotors are Clear Kemper T2 or Aspire BVC.
Dual coil, two-resistors, normally require a variable voltage battery to operate at maximum capacity, requiring a higher voltage. Dual Clear Monitors offer higher steam output, higher power, but also greater fluid consumption and lower battery life. If you use classic eGo batteries or a low-nicotine liquid, single coil clear mozzles are the perfect choice. If you use variable voltage batteries and you want a higher power, dual dual-mode blades are indicated.
For very high strength and massive steam production, new clearmoders that work with sub-ohm resistors are recommended. To use these clear modem models, a compatible power supply, electronic mode type, or sub-ohm battery is required.

Premium Clearmodels

Recently, more clear-cut models have emerged on the market due to the superior quality of the materials they are built from and additional features to the classic clear-cuts such as airflow regulation. The liquid reservoir of these clear mosquito nets is not of plastic, but of Pyrex glass, and the metal parts are made of stainless steel, resulting in a much higher lifetime. Adjusting the airflow through different methods is also an important advantage, thus changing the strength, flavor of the liquid and the amount of vapor produced, according to the preferences of each.

Also, most new-generation premium modems work with both classical resistors and sub-ohm resistors (MTL or DL). For the most popular clear-mowers, there are also different resistances in terms of the material used, so there are Kanthal, Clapton, Nickel, Titanium or SS wire resistors. In order to get the most out of the new premium clear meters, it is recommended to use an electronic mode as a power supply.

Sub-ohm devices offer extremely high steam output compared to conventional ones. Thus, the advantages of sub-ohm vapors are high strength and massive steam production, and the disadvantages of higher fluid and current consumption. Another disadvantage is DL-style diving, with inhalations directly into the lungs, for those who prefer classical vapor, more like conventional smoking (MTL).

There are also so-called hybrid cleansers, including an RBA base. These clear readers can be used with both ready-made, commercial and RBA-based resistors with built-in resistors. For construction of resistances you need wire (Kanthal, SS, Titan etc.) and feed material (organic cotton). Resistance construction is only recommended for advanced users.

Also for advanced users, there are serviceable atomizers that do not have commercial resistors. These atomizers can only be used with resistors built at home, by the user. Serviceable atomizers can be RDA (drip) or RTA (with reservoir). The most popular are RTA atomizers, which offer higher fluid autonomy.

It is to be noted that some clear-modes have a connection 510, tapping on the battery connection 510, the eGo connection remaining uncovered, indicating the use of a ring for a more harmonious appearance. Also, premium clear meters, which are typically used in conjunction with an electronic mode and not a conventional battery, have a 510 connection. The electronic modes have a native connection 510 for the use of classical clearcomods with these modes, requiring an adapter 510 -eGo.
The vast majority of classical clear-mouses have an eGo connection, which is normally used with classic eGo batteries.

You will always find on the most representative models of premium cleansers of the moment.

In the specifications of each marketer you will find all the necessary information, the type of connection, the number of resistors, the capacity of the tank, the type of resistance, the size of the clearing device and the color.

Choosing liquid can be the most problematic part for a beginner. In general, former smokers want a liquid with a flavor to bring the most to the taste of conventional cigarettes. Although there are many tobacco flavors, no liquid will exactly reproduce the taste of the cigarette. Electronic cigarette produces steam, not smoke. There is no burning, no foil, no tar, no carbon monoxide. The liquid, containing a vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol base, with food flavors and optionally nicotine, is evaporated to produce aromatic steam.
Thus, it is important to start from the idea that any liquid you try, the initial sensation will be of a sweet taste, more pleasant, more aromatic than that of classic cigarettes. If you can use the electronic cigarette without combining it with classic cigarettes, after about two weeks the sweet feeling will disappear and you can truly enjoy the different flavors of the electronic cigarette.
Just as food is said to have another taste after quitting smoking, the liquid of electronic cigarettes has another taste after the taste buds are no longer burned by the harmful smoke of the classic cigarette.
In terms of strength, the electronic cigarette competes successfully with any conventional cigarette. The strength is given by the amount of nicotine contained in the liquid. The strength is inscribed on each individual liquid in milligrams of nicotine / ml. In the case of classic cigarettes, the strength on packages is per cigarette, so a direct comparison makes no sense.

A general classification of strengths, using an eGo-type battery and a standard clearcomer, would be the following:

1. 24mg - high strength, generally higher than that of "red" cigarettes, strong
2. 18 mg - medium strength, comparable to hard cigarettes
3. 12mg - low strength, comparable to light cigarettes
4. 6mg - ultra-low strength, comparable to that of slim or ultra-light cigarettes
5. 0mg - zero strength, no nicotine fluid, no strength

Careful! Classical strengths are available for classic clear-cuts. In the case of sub-ohm clear mozzles, the strength is much higher! The stronger the resistance and the higher the wattage, the higher the playback power. We recommend the use of 6 mg fluids when using sub-ohm resistors.

Note that the power is directly influenced by battery voltage and the type of clarifier used. For example, a variable voltage battery, set to 4.3V in combination with a dual-strength clear-sided processor, will have a higher strength than a classical eGo battery with a single coil clear, using a liquid with the same nicotine concentration.

When choosing a liquid, the following features must be considered:

1. Aroma

Any liquid has a certain flavor. The flavor can be tobacco, fruit, beverages, caramel, vanilla, etc.
There are many different flavors from many manufacturers.
If you go for the first time from the classic cigarette to the electronic cigarette, it is advisable to choose a flavor of tobacco flavor. Even if no flavor gives the taste of the classic cigarette, tobacco flavors are closer to it. If you start directly with a fruity difference between classical and electronic cigarette may be too high, it's like you go from cigarettes to cakes. After a period of time that you're comfortable with electronic cigarette taste, you can begin to try the many flavors available. Fruit flavors, caramel, vanilla, energizing, mint, may be vapate alone or in combination with tobacco flavors. Any fluids for the electronic cigarette can mix, resulting in a combination of flavors and an average of strengths. Thus, if combined in equal proportions with the liquid aroma of tobacco, with the strength of 24mg and a vanilla flavored liquid with the strength of 12mg, will give a vanilla flavored tobacco liquid, with a strength of 18 mg.
Simple, mint, cherry, caramel, energized, various fruit cocktails, drink tastes, all possible with the electronic cigarette, the limits depending only on your imagination. The opinions about the flavors are very different, subjective, depending on the preferences of each. If you purchased a liquid that you do not like, do not despair, do not go back to classic cigarettes, try other flavors, other combinations, other strength, after all you will find the right liquid for you, guaranteed!

2. Strength

It is recommended to start with a liquid that has a strength close to the cigarettes you are used to smoking. Whether you want to use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking completely or as a substitute for classic cigarettes, it is not advisable to start with a nicotine-free liquid without strength.
Nicotine-free liquid should be the ultimate goal, indicating that switching to a nicotine-free liquid should be done gradually.
So, if you start with a 18 mg fluid, it is advisable to use that liquid for at least 3 months before switching to a lower stage, gradually using the body with a lower dose of nicotine.
If you purchased too much liquor, you can purchase a nicotine-free liquid that you can mix with the lint until you get the desired strength. Also, if the liquid you buy is too weak, you can mix it with a lighter one.
Do not rush over to liquids too weak if you are used to hard cigarettes, the result being the opposite of what you want. If you take a leap, for example, from 24mg to 6mg, you may get to digest 4 times more than when you use the lighter fluid, because the body still requires the nicotine dose it is used to.
For optimum results, gradually lower your strength and, when you reach zero nicotine, you can even give up the electronic cigarette, and the withdrawal and need for nicotine is completely removed.

3. Liquid type

Liquids are widely distributed in vegetable liquids, propylene glycol-based liquids or mixes.
Most liquids in the market are mixes, the base of which contains a combination of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. In varying proportions.

The vast majority of liquids marketed as vegetable liquids also contain a low percentage of propylene, for the dilution of flavorings and for a more fluid consistency. A 100% vegetal liquid would generally be too thick, the feed would be harder, resulting in an unpleasant, "burn" taste, and the resistances would have a shorter life span, the deposits being higher .
Thus, when referring to vegetable liquids, these are liquids whose base has a concentration of over 80% of vegetable glycerol and a small proportion of propylene glycol.

Vegetable Liquid or VG - Vegetable liquids are the most popular liquids in Romania.

Vegetable liquids are thicker because of the high concentration of vegetable glycerin, evaporate harder, produce a greater amount of steam, and the strength is slightly lower at the same nicotine concentration as propylene glycol liquids.
The taste of vegetable liquids is a bit sweeter, and the possibility of small allergic reactions to liquid is much lower.
The most popular GG fluids in Romania are Hangsen liquids. Also highly valued are the premium European, American Stars.
As disadvantages, plant liquids leave more residues on the resistors, shortening their life, and at low temperatures the fluid thickens, making the supply more difficult.

Propylene or PG liquid - Propylene-based liquids, an interesting alternative

As with vegetable liquids, PG liquids can be 100% PG or a PG-VG mixture with high propylene and a low glycerol. The most common liquids with high concentration of PG in Romania are Liqua liquids. Flavourtec European fluids are also very appreciated. PG liquids are thinner, so they evaporate faster but are cleaner, leaving less residue on the resistances. PG fluids do not thicken at low temperatures and give the same strength of nicotine at the same nicotine concentration. Sweet taste is less prevalent in PG fluids, and flavors are clearer.
As a disadvantage, in some people with PG intolerance, these fluids can cause dry throat or stomachache. Also, steam production is lower than for plant fluids.

You can do it by trying both types of liquids, the tastes are different, and the subjective preferences.

Thus, when choosing a liquid, first you have to choose the type of liquid, VG or PG, then the flavor, the taste and the desired strength. Always, when using the electronic cigarette, remember to hydrate yourself enough to avoid dry throat.

1. The ClearMouse

Always, when using a new cleaner or new strength, after filling the liquid cleaner, allow it to pass for at least 5 minutes before using it, so that the wicks get soaked in full with the liquid. You can inhale 4-5 times from the clear-dial, without turning on the battery, to prime resistance.
Never turn on the battery if the connected cleaner is free of liquid, risk burning the power or the fuses.
If you use a high-strength clear-screen cleaner, even if there is enough fluid in the tank, after 3-4 inhalations, in a very short time with the cigarette held upright, it is advisable to tilt the cigarette so that the wicks get wet with the liquid. Even if the internal wicks are long and the tank has enough liquid, it is possible that the liquid does not climb quickly enough on the wicks, resulting in a burning or burning fuse.
As a general rule, always try to inhale easily and long from the cigarette. If you can not inhale very long it is advisable to keep the battery button pressed when you carry the cigarette to the mouth. Do not perform short and repeated inhalations to avoid overheating resistance. Do not inhale with a high suction force to avoid the flood of resistance.
As a general rule, it is advisable not to exceed 4-5 inhalations over a very short period of time to avoid overheating. After 4-5 inhalations, take a minimum 30-40 second break.
If you feel burned, check the liquid level. If the clearomizer is of superior strength, incline it to soak the wicks with liquid. If the burning taste does not disappear, it is possible that the resistance fuses are already burned, in which case it is necessary to replace the fuses or complete resistance with a new one.
Do not pour the liquid directly on the resistance or air channels. The liquid gets into the air channels, will flow on the battery or will be inhaled in the mouth. Always read the power instructions carefully for each clearromader model.

Careful! In the case of resistances including organic cotton and generally all sub-ohm resistances, it is necessary to wet the resistance with liquid prior to installation and use. Pour 2-3 drops directly into the resistance on the sides or in the side holes, where white cotton can be appreciated, depending on the strength pattern. When using an electronic mode, choose the correct mode of operation depending on the installed resistance. Also respect the minimum watt and the maximum engraved on resistance! A too low watt will lead to the flooding of the resistance, and a too high wool on the burning of the cotton inside. If you feel the smell of burning, do not insist. Unscrew the clearomizer and drain more of the liquid into the resist, or allow it to pass more time with the installed resist and the liquid in the tank for full imbibition.

Careful! When using sub-ohm resistors suitable for direct lung inhalation (DL), set a suitable watt and strong and long, strong, preferably low-strength. When using resistors above 1 ohm or mouth-to-lungs type MTL, set a suitable wattage and inhale easily without excessive force.

2. Resistance

Resistance life depends directly on the amount of liquid, the type of liquid used and the correct use. It is a well-known fact that resistors have a higher life for experienced users.
On average, a resistance for a moderate user has a lifetime of about two weeks. In most cases resistance continues to work, however, the fact that it needs to be changed is indicated by the bad taste, the burn, or the total lack of flavor.
At each inhalation, residues are deposited on the resistance. When the resistance is completely covered, it needs to be changed.

More experienced users use a method called dry-burn to prolong the life of resistance.
Use this method at your own risk! Dry-burn can result in irreparable damage to the resistor.
Dry burning can be performed on certain resistors, where the resistors are visible or accessible. Do not perform the dry-burn procedure with resistances that include organic cotton!

To make dry burn:
- Unfold the cleaner on the battery and remove the body and the mouthpiece to stay with the central body on which the resistance is wound.
- Remove the silicon or metallic cap from the resistor to see its spirals.
- Screw the body of the clearcomer to the battery with the resistance
- Repeatly operate the battery button in short intervals for a few seconds while blowing resistance
- You can see how the residue on the resistance starts to burn
- To avoid burning fingers, you can add a drop of liquid
- It is advisable to perform the dry-burn operation in a darker place to observe when the resistance spirals are clean and become incandescent
- Repeat the activations until the resistance is clean

Looking for "dry-burn" on YouTube, you can find more instructional videos.

Proper use can prolong the life of resistors. Do not use resistors without sufficient fluid or dry wipes. Do not inhale too strong to avoid the flood of resistance. Allow the resist to cool after repeated inhalations.

3. Battery

Always keep the contacts of the battery and the clean charger, removing any possible waste with a napkin.
It is indicated that when you put a battery in the charging, let it do its full charging cycle.
If the battery light flashes ten times at longer intervals, the battery is discharged and recharging is required.
If the battery light flashes briefly three times, it indicates a short-circuit. Unfold the cleaner on the battery, clean the contacts, check that the resistance is well threaded. If the problem persists, replace the resistance or clearomizer. If you insist on the same defective clearcomer, you risk that after 2-3 short circuit warnings, the battery electronics will burn, making the battery unusable until it changes its electronics. If the LED turns on when you turn on the battery, but the clearcomer does not work, it may be a faulty clear masonry / resistance, or the plus of the battery does not come in contact with the clearcomer. Although not indicated, you can try, with a needle, to gently lift the center pocket of the battery. Also, the battery electronics may be burnt. To figure out if the problem is from the battery, try multiple vaporizer variants. If none works, the battery electronics need to be changed.
The life of an eGo battery is about 300 recharges. After 300 recharges, the battery will not stop functioning, but its autonomy will be slower.

Always keep clean battery contacts, avoid mechanical shocks, and do not install when the battery LED indicates a short circuit. Always use the chargers and adapters suitable for the battery model used.

4. Liquid

Remember to hydrate enough when using your electronic cigarette to avoid dry throat.
If you feel stomach in the throat, try a vegetable fluid or lower the level of nicotine.
Keep liquids out of the reach of children or pets.
Do not swallow the liquid for the electronic cigarette.
Keep liquids away from direct sunlight, avoid high temperatures.
Always try to use liquids with a low nicotine concentration.
Do not mix liquids with water or any other substances.
Always ask your family doctor before using an electronic cigarette.
Electronic cigarette is prohibited to minors and is not recommended for people who are sensitive to caffeine, people suffering from heart disease, hypertension, angina, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, chronic illness, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women.

We hope that all these tips and information have helped you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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